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Vegas betting odds pacquiao bradley

Its hard to ask more of the man, who took a heck of a long walk from a kid going nowhere steeped in poverty to an international superstar and the most famous man in the Philippines. At the same time, hes been through the ringer and then some. He won his first world title 35 pounds and 18 years ago. He put a lot of demands on his body, rising through an unprecedented amount of weight classes to take on the best in the world. More often than not, he shined, but the toll was still exacted through nearly two decades of taking on good fighters that kept getting bigger and bigger.

The idea of a fighter already announcing retirement and still getting in the ring can conjure a few different notions. The sport of boxing is one that requires more than just showing up. It takes a certain level of whole-hearted commitment and that is hard to produce when you already have one foot out the door. But then again, that light at the end of the tunnel can have an energizing affect. Youd think a fighter like Pacquiao who was able to remain hungry after years of making millions of dollars could stoke the fires for one more go-around.

By the same token, there is a justified feeling that Pacquiao is breaking down at a pretty accelerated rate. He held up well over the years, but he is still winless since He wasnt terribly competitive against Mayweather and even if you attribute that to injury, that doesnt really refute the belief that he is breaking down.

Whether it be from actual ring erosion or injuries, the result is the samea fighter who is no longer altogether bankable physically. Pacquiao and Bradley fought in and Their first fight produced a scandalous decision, with Bradley getting the undeserved nod. He started well in the second fight, before Pacquiao took over en route to a decision win. The end result is that Pacquiao is fighting a man he has essentially defeated twice. In other words, this is not unchartered water for Pacquiao as he approaches the final chapter in his storied career.

A matchup going to a trilogy suggests an ultra-competitive rivalry and that isnt really the case, with Manny really winning both fights with room to spare. Throwing the possible result of this fight in a different light is Bradleys recent form, namely in his last fight. Bradleys career appeared to be on a downward trajectory. Bradley, now 32, was getting hit more and struggling to put any distance between him and fighters he should have been trouncing.

There was a draw against Diego Chaves and two wins over Ruslan Provodnikov and Jessie Vargas where he was nearly kayoed and took a lot of punishment. Now maybe he looked really good in stopping Rios because the style suited him and Rios was perhaps a spent force, but he looked as good as he had in years. This is a spot where we need to be careful in not overstating the importance of adding Atlas to the corner.

But it just may have put some wind into the sails of a fighter who had grown stagnant. Atlas can certainly be over-the-top and has a high opinion of himself, but to imply that hes anything less than a strategic master and a fountain of knowledge would be a gross miscalculation.

For the right fighter, and Bradley looks to be that kind of guy, Atlas can make a big difference and turn things around dramatically. Thats where there is daylight for Bradleyin the idea that hes better than hes been recently, while Pacquiao is not. And thats not an entirely unfathomable viewpoint.

While Bradley was obviously as pumped-up as he could be for both Pacquiao fights, he had grown stale technically, tactically, and developmentally. Pacquiao has more natural power than Bradley, but the last man he stopped was Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico when he finished him in the 12th round back in Pacquiao has been on the canvas a few times during his career though and needs to keep his focus at all times since his chin could now be somewhat questionable.

Bradley has been severely tested in the past by the likes of Ruslan Provodnikov and Marquez and Jessie Vargas had him in deep trouble in the final round of their bout last June and escaped with a unanimous decision. The best way to do that will be to win this fight in a convincing manner. Bradley did manage to land some decent counter shots, but not much else. He was more cautious than Pacquiao in the first two fights and to beat him again he needs to initiate the action. Prediction…… This should be a pretty close contest and a lot will depend on who takes the initiative.

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Btc cut off list 2022 ballia And I dont think the thoughts of retirement dancing around in his head will have much of a negative affect. A matchup going to a trilogy suggests an ultra-competitive rivalry and that isnt really the case, with Manny really winning both fights with room to spare. It really wouldnt take a gargantuan reversal of form and fortune to shift this into the Bradley column. But a cockeyed optimist could paint a slightly different picture. I believe that his inside work, combined with the myriad shenanigans surrounding the Filipino icon, will be enough for him to deserve a decision nod.
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Apr 9,  · Manny Pacquiao returns to the ring tonight when he has his anticipated rubber match with Timothy Bradley. Here’s the latest odds for this bout. BET FROM ANY STATE - $ BONUS! A bettor placing $ on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl would win $4, ($ x 40). When going to the betting window at your local retail sportsbook or checking your online sports Missing: pacquiao bradley. It’s not the dream fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather boxing fans have longed for, but Pac-Man versus the phenom Timothy Bradley Jr. is by far the best bout of .